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Father's Day in Gemini

June 12th, 2017


June is mostly Gemini month (May 21-June 20) which also includes Father's Day (June 18). The "Zodiac Unleashed Gallery" has a cool rendition of the Gemini astrological sign in my painted image, "Gemini Portal" (on the left). Gemini's attributes include:
An inquisitive mind
A brilliant multi-tasker
Master of many abilities
If this sounds like someone you know or better yet your own Dad, then the DVSC website has a few items you'll not want to miss.
The LUXURY WATCH Gallery has a stunning series of designs that will go well with any celebration of Dad. Check out the images with titles like: THE EXECUTIVE, BLACK ONYX, and THE EMERALD STATESMAN; then click over to the Men's Apparel Section to see what would look best on him in a variety of T-shirt styles. And if your man for all season's is also a follower of the Zodiac hop over to the ZODIAC UNLEASHED Gallery and pick out an additional T-shirt style that best shows of the "Gemini Portal" image on him.
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Art for Art Sake Money for God Sake

May 12th, 2017

Art for Art Sake Money for God Sake

In these social media image driven days one could argue that art has been fully democratized or better put, everyone is an artist. I certainly think of myself as an artist and a formally trained one at that, though I mean no disrespect to those who are not. After all, art making is mostly practice and observation whether the end result is on canvas or the artifact of a 3D printer. All of this is by way of posing the question why sell images as apparel, tech accessories, shower curtains and duvet covers? I think the answer is fairly clear, Do it because somebody will eventually purchase it and I will get paid. So, is everything on display here "art"? Of course it is. By virtue of the fact I am an artist every tote bag, coffee mug, duvet cover and greeting card is a work of art. Having said that is every artwork I have to offer regardless of its form "good art"?
"Frankly, my dear I don't give a damn."
I have embarked on this commercial venture to introduce some of my aesthetic ideas in forms that I hope will grab your attention and compel you to purchase them. I do the same thing in galleries; and although the actual object you might purchase is by necessity a "copy" it still represents careful thought and execution to create it.
"The Luxury Watch" images are from a series I began two years ago with the question, what if I used luxury watch photographs as inspiration to redesign them as "painterly" compositions, would it be worth my time? I answered in the affirmative and began drawing them on a computer and [digitally] painting them in a way I thought colorful and interesting I did not execute them on traditional media like paper or canvas, mainly because Pop artists from 60 years ago already did that. For me the computer is a lovely vehicle for whipping out interesting compositions that I don't have to mull over like a traditionally constructed painting or drawing. And although "The Luxury Watch" series is still ongoing, I still think of them as 'recreational work' something I do as an alternative to binging Netflix. The same may be said for "Zodiac Unleashed" which was created on the iPad Mini on 12 successive mornings between toast and coffee in bed. The series came about via an offhand suggestion by a relation who asked, "Why don't you do something commercial like signs of the Zodiac?" I laughed at first. But later I challenged myself to seriously take on the task and keep at it until it was finished. Full disclosure, I admit my initial aim was to subvert the usual animal, mythical figure zodiac references one always sees in astrological representations. I wanted to do something more graphically colorful and dynamic; you know, something that might look coo as a duvet cover, coffee mug or tote bag.
Well, those are my thoughts on the subject. As more art collections manifest themselves I will write a few words about them here in this blog space to reveal my thought processes behind them or not if I don't have anything useful to say. Nevertheless, please feel free to comment on this blurb or any of the visual offerings on this site.
All the best until next time.
David A Valentine, Artist